Experience Authentic Partnership

The insurance business used to be simple.

By joining together, we have the resources to compete and win against any agency, anywhere, anytime.

Remove Roadblocks

We know some days it feels exhausting just to keep up. By joining a network that’s been where you’ve been, you partner with a group that knows how draining the daily grind can be, and wants to lighten your load by providing access to the right tools.

Move forward knowing you are valued for what you bring to the table, and that your support team simply wants to help you unleash more growth.

Two women discussing partnership options with a blue gradient over the image
Two men discussing prospective partnerships with a blue gradient

Get Trusted Advice & Strategic Support.

Starting on Day 1, amplify your enthusiasm for the future  because you know you will not only be given the tools you need to reach your full potential, but you will also be partners with trustworthy experts who will help you make the greatest strategic decisions for growth and success while knowing how to  minimize disruptions for you and your clients.

We’ve got the best DAY ONE in the business.

Here’s what our partners experience right out of the gate:

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Access to Growth Resources Starting Day One

We have a deep-seated desire to serve the partners in our network. Don’t simply have resources at your disposal, instead lighten your load starting on day one as our experienced advisors come alongside you to remove every roadblock and achieve each new milestone.

Three women standing in the foyer on a branded doormat at choice insurance agency

Minimal Disruption to Your Clients and Your Team

A core aim for our strategic support is to minimize disruption on the client side as well. Your clients will continue experiencing your same brand and level of service they got from day one, now just supported with better resources.

A smiling parter seated during a meeting at choice insurance agency

Retained Identity

We know that a huge part of what it took you to get to where you are today is the entrepreneurial spirit of growing your business one policy at a time. We seek to acquire great people we can trust to keep doing more of what they’re good at...–not change to fit a stock mold that isn’t true to who you are.

Two people smiling in front of the choice insurance agency conference room window

True Partnership & Value Creation for the Future

We look for true partners we can bring in, offer real ownership and then trust them to do what they do best, all while securing their dreams by connecting their most valuable assets to a network led by the trusted industry expertise necessary to provide them with unrivaled future returns.

Partner Testimonials

Insurance is a relationship business.
We treat partners & their teams like family.

Choice insurance logo flag graphic for decoration

This is an enormously personal decision. 

We know you want to understand your options to make the best decision for you and your agency.
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